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Cuteness Emergency
11 September 1985
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Inveterate fan. Occasional fic writer. Once in a while I get really excited about history. Keep a close eye out, or mention tea's arrival in Japan and you'll get a hilarious flail reaction.

"But I claim there will be some who remember us when we are gone." -Sappho, translated by Lattimore

That's my favorite line of poetry. It isn't even that poetic, I'm just touched by the sentiment. Part of the reason I'm a classics major is because they wanted so much for us to remember them and two, three millenia later we do, isn't that wonderful? If Achilles chose to die, it's the least we can do to remember his name as he wished us to.

All my fic is linked here. It's mostly in locked communities, because it's all RPS, but they're all good about letting people in.